• arc 20020 – J. C. Kieling: St Matthew Passion

    Founded by Jeroen Finke in 2015, ‘La Protezione della Musica’ has within a short time developed into a highly regarded ensemble for the performance of music from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. On the present double CD the performers tackle the St Matthew Passion by Johann Cyriacus Kieling (1670–1727), a baroque composer from Sachsen-Anhalt. mehr »

  • arc 19018 – Stockholm@Köln

    New chamber works for bassoon and piano – aren’t there enough productions of this genre? Not at all! The bassoon is a magnificent instrument which, we believe, deserves to be in focus, much more than it has been so far – at the front of the stage, and not – as is so often the case – at the back of the orchestra pit! mehr »

  • arc 19014 – Bach: The Cello Suites

    They are the quintessence of Bach’s work as a composer – and Bach is the quintessence of all music. “ Pablo Casals said about the Cello Suites by Johann Sebastian Bach. When these Suites are played in historically informed performace by someone about whom The Strad said: „Her phrasing sounds as natural as breathing…“, you may be more than curious.

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  • arc 19016 – Bonifazio Graziani: Vespro della Beata Vergine

    The „Vespro della Beata Vergine“ by Bonifazio Graziani opens an unexpectedly rich world of vocal music. In the whole 17th century, you’ll hardly find another composer like Graziani who was able to use all the variety from soloistic passages to the full richness of double choir sound in order to illustrate the complexity and beauty of the texts. mehr »

  • arc 19012 – Kati Raitinen: „The world is (Y)ours“

    Kati Raitinen combines her work as solo cellist in the Royal Opera Orchestra in Stockholm with a wide variety of international chamber music activities. The wide range from Jean Sibelius to Einojuhani Rautavaara and Johan Ullén – to name a few – shows her great attachment to contemporary music. mehr »

  • arc 18013 – O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf

    The Capella St. Crucis from Hanover conducted by Florian Lohman present Romantic Choir music for Advent and Christmas. mehr »

  • arc 17011 – Bremer Barockorchester – Telemann – Live

    With this Live-DVD, the Bremer Barockorchester is showing examples of the vast variety of Telemans euvre and commemorates the 250th anniversary of the death of the multi talented Hamburg music director. Refreshing interpretation and beautiful pictures make it a pleasure to rediscover his music. mehr »

  • arc 17010 – Annette John – Was soll man an dem Abend tun

    In her first solo album Annette John takes the listener on a journey across the flute music of the last 1100 years. The CD starts with the „Da pacem Domine“, one of the earliest sacred melodies of the 9th century and draws the line further to Jacob van Eyck, Bach and Telemann (and others) to finally reach Violeta Dinescu.  mehr »

  • arc 17009 Usedom cross-country

    The name is the programme: The CD of the Jagdhornbläser Usedom is a collection for parforce horn in E flat, from very different eras and cultures. It centres on the hunting music traditions of the German-speaking lands and France.
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  • arc 17008 – Keiko Nakata: Joy of Bach

    Organ? Bach? Classical music? Yes! With pleasure! The joy of Johann Sebastian Bach seizes the listener immediately while listening to this recording. The organ being one of the most important instruments in Bach’s oeuvre, Keiko Nakata explores prominent works he has written for this wonderful instrument. mehr »

  • arc 17007 – Brass Band BlechKLANG – „Klangspuren“ („Sound tracks“)

    Klangspuren – the debut CD of brass band Blechklang captivates with groovy beats and hot sounds. BlechKLANG is a brass band oriented to the English original setup. mehr »

  • arc 17005 – „Amor y Locura“ by „Los Temperamentos“

    After publishing the very successful CD „El Galeón 1600“, the ensemble „Los Temperamentos“ presents the new CD „Amor Y Locura“ – Love and Madness. With this new publication “Los temperamentos” addresses a question as old as mankind itself: Can there be passion without insanity?  mehr »

  • arc16006 – Lalo and Roussel – the taste of northern France

    The Orchestra of Douai from the region Hauts-de-France presents the great composers of their region on this new CD, Edouard Lalo and Albert Roussel. The Symphonie Espagnole is well known to any music enthousiast.

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  • arc 16004 – World Trombone Quartet

    Just for Fun

    Having known each other for many years in different settings and occasions, the four trombone players Jörgen van Rijen, Joseph Alessi, Stefan Schulz und Michel Becquet decided to condense the joy of playing together into a CD recording – „Just for Fun“! mehr »

  • arc 15003 – a Picture Book with Music

    Die schöne Magelone

    The Wondrous Love Story of the Beautiful Magelone and Count Peter of Provence was a favorite novel of Brahms in his youth. The matter was that popular that Brahms set the lyrical interludes of the novel by Ludwig Tieck to music. This recording brings both elements together: mehr »

  • arc 15001 – ensemble 4.1

    origins – ursprünge

    „I consider it to be the best I’ve written so far.“ That’s what Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote in a letter to his father about the Quintett KV 452. The ensemble 4.1 , called the „Easy Rider of Vienna Classics“ (Hamburger Abendblatt), approaches this ingenious work with unlimited joy. more »

  • arc 15002 – Los Temperamentos

    El Galeón 1600

    Our collection of high quality discoveries on the label arcantus starts with the CD „El Galeón 1600“ played by the ensemble „Los Temperamentos“, a historically informed ensemble from Bremen.

    This CD takes you on a musical-atmospheric journey between two worlds. more »

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