arc 22037 – Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann: Boccherini’s Dream

„Boccherini’s Dream“ transports us to scenes of summer sunshine, where balmy breezes warm sun-kissed faces, and spell-bound moths buzz around flickering lamps during late evening alfresco gatherings on the piazza. This is a world that Luigi Boccherini knew and loved. Like Boccherini, in his time as a talented cellist, the two interpreters convey joy and wonder with their fresh and joyful playing of the works by Supriani, Pasquini, Cabezón, Storace and Luigi Boccherini. The Parisian violinist Jean-Baptiste Cartier is reported to have said in 1798: „If God wanted to speak to man through music, he would do so with the works of Haydn; but if he wanted to hear music himself, he would undoubtedly choose the works of Boccherini“. So let’s start dreaming with this music like God on the Mediterranean!

Label: arcantus Musikproduktion –

Title: Boccherini’s Dream – „Works for cello and harpsichord“

Artists: Mime Yamahiro Brinkmann, Mariangiola Martello

Sales Date: 27.07.2022

Product Code: arc22037

UPC/EAN: 4260412810376