arc 22043 – Los Temperamentos: Festejo Peruano

What does music from an 18th century Peruvian manuscript sound like? On their current CD „Festejo Peruano“, the Bremen based ensemble Los Temperamentos has recorded all the musical works of the famous Codex Martínez Compañón, thus bringing one of Latin America’s most valuable cultural documents to new life. The Codex Martínez Compañón was written in the 1780s in Trujillo, in the north of presentday Peru. The manuscript contains musical material, drawings and written documents depicting the everyday life of the African slaves living there, the indigenous population and also the Spanish occupiers. The music that has been handed down shows the extraordinary coexistence and intermingling of different cultures and, incidentally, gives listeners of the 21st century the opportunity to get to know a completely different, unknown side of „early music“ for once. Since its foundation in 2009, Los Temperamentos has been an ensemble with a very individual character. The musicians focus on the music of the 17th and 18th centuries, which emerged from the connection between the different cultural areas of Europe and Latin America.

Title: Festejo Peruano

Artists: Los Temperamentos, Néstor Fabián Cortés Garzón

Catalogue number: arc 22043

UPC/EAN: 4260412810437

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