arc 22033 – Tobias Tietze: Une délicatesse merveilleuse

‚Une délicatesse merveilleuse‘ – wonderful delicacy – this title serves on this recording for both, on one hand the wonderfully expressive and at the same time extremely elegant music which the lutenist Tobias Tietze discovered from Valentin Strobel the younger, on the other hand, it describes the wonderfully delicate touch of Tobias Tietze’s playing itself. He already has appeared on many recordings as continuo player. On this album, everything focuses on his solo playing and creates a very intimate atmosphere for the highly idiomatic music for the baroque lute in the French style. Strobel’s music dates from a period when the parameters of the Suite were not as clearly defined as they would become in the 18th century. And with both, the recording and the liner notes, we can travel back to the time when the composers experimented with these parameters, e. g. also with different kinds of Gigues. An imaginary „Tombeau de Mr Strobel“ by his contemporary Johann Gumprecht builds the frame for Strobel’s compositions.