arc 22034 – Renée Allen: Salonmusik für Waldhorn II

With the second publication by Renée Allen – a specialist for historical horn – further delicacies of the „Solo Buch für Waldhorn“, published in 1898 by A. E. Fischer Verlag, Bremen and lost in the 2nd World War, are presented. All the works in this production are world premiere recordings by unknown composers such as Ferdinand Füchs, Henri Lübeck, Valentin Hamm and others. In the very informative booklet, much is said about the history and development of the instruments used in this production. So let’s enjoy another evening in a German salon of the late 19th century and not only be enchanted by the unexpected sounds of „Auf den Lagunen“ by Ludwig Wiedemann.

Title: Salonmusik für Waldhorn. Vol. II

Artists: Renée Allen – Horn Assen Boyadjiev – Klavier

Sales Date: 14.09.2022

Product Code: arc22034

UPC/EAN: 4260412810345