arc 21026 – Klaus Fischer-Dieskau: String Quartets No. 1 & 4

With this recording, the Albis Quartett celebrates the centenary of Klaus Fischer-Dieskau. Originating from a world famous musical family, we associate with him among others the Hugo Distler Choir, which he founded in 1953 and led until 1989. Above all, however, it is his compositional output of 110 works that is of most interest to posterity. As part of it, the nine string quartets by Fischer-Dieskau encompass almost his entire creative life. They represent all phases of his development, and the Ninth String Quartet even got the title “Erinnerungen – Memories”. It’s obvious that also in the earlier String Quartets, Klaus Fischer-Dieskau chose this form for a kind of most intimate musical diary. String Quartet No. 1, he begun while serving at the front during World War II. String Quartet No. 4 dates from1978, with an even more intense love of couterpoint. Tonality, if greatly loosened up, still reigns, and polytonality has been added. At the same time, a striving for linear-polyphonic voice leading is noticeable.

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