arc 23040 – Rut-E. Boyschau: Short Stories!

With the album „Short Stories!“, the organist and harpsichordist Rut-Elena Boyschau wants to share stories of experiences in nature, human encounters and feelings, social outings, celebrations and dances. The search for consolation and hope in sorrowful circumstances as well as the request for divine support and love are also part of these existential experiences which her playing brings to sound in the baroque church of Gråsten Palace. The congregation owns two wonderful instruments, a harpsichord by Christian Fuchs and a chest organ by Henk and Niels Klop, both inspired by period instruments of the baroque era. The tonal beauty of the two instruments give the best support for interpretations of masterpieces by  Coperin, Royer, Bach, Rameau and others .

Title: „Short Stories!“

Artist: Rut E. Boyschau

Catalogue number: arc 23040

UPC/EAN: 4260412810406

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