arc 23035 – Consort of two – English Renaissance Music

The reign of Elizabeth I (1558–1603) and her successor James I (1603–1625) saw a golden age of English lute music. This enchanting compilation of the album „Consort of two“ by the Icelandic harpist and singer Sólveig Thoroddsen Jónsdóttir and the Costa Rican lutenist Sergio Coto Blanco dates from this period. Aside from solo literature, the repertoire here presented includes lute duos – a combination that gained great popularity in the 16th century. Here the works are played with lute and triple harp. This is based on the long tradition of harps and lutes playing together, as shown in images as early as the 15th century. Particularly noteworthy are the four works in the genre of consort songs (lute, harp and voice), which have a special charm thanks to the clear voice of Sólveig Thoroddsen Jónsdóttir – well worth listening to!