Boyschau, Rut-Elena

Rut-E. Boyschau grew up in Bucharest, and later in Bonn, the daughter of a Romanian writer and a German philologist. The international atmosphere, among artists, awakened her interest in different ways of living and their historical circumstances at an early age.

Her artistic path initially led her to the Cologne University of Music, where she studied organ, organ teaching and harpsichord. This was followed by studies in church music in Halle/Saale, Germany. Numerous masterclasses in Europe and an additional year’s study of baroque music at the music conservatory in Amsterdam as well as of symphonic music and improvisation at the music conservatory in Lyon completed her education. She also gained special inspiration from Michael Radulescu, Jean Guillou, Louis Robilliard and Ton Koopman. In addition, her predilection for the glockenspiel led her to train as a carillonneur in Løgumkloster, Denmark.

As a result of her intensive studies, Rut-E. Boyschau has gained a deep insight into the music of keyboard instruments as well as a detailed knowledge of their stylistic periods from the Renaissance to the present. Nowadays she lives in Denmark, where she has been working as a church musician at the Gråsten Palace church since 2008. She also performs as a soloist and chamber musician and teaches at the church music school in Løgumkloster.